Megan Waldrep


Megan Waldrep

A woman of the written word



Performing Polly

Celebrated literary artist, Polly Frost talks erotic novels, humor writing, creating award winning plays, and replanting roots on the California Coast.
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Ladies on the Rise

Four young women staking claim on the leader board of the Rincon Classic Surf Competition - and they're not even old enough to drive.
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2016 Surf Camps

Profiles of Santa Barbara, CA surf camps.
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Get /LIT/

Monte Schulz, author of the great American novel, Crossing Eden, and owner of the Santa Barbara Writer's conference, is the son of a famous father. But his road to creative success has not always been paved with gold.
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Copywriting: Terroir Life

Terroir Life is a lifestyle company comprised of selective wineries, gourmet farm-to-table restaurants, and wine festivals of the California Coast.
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Copywriting: P. 24

Editorial copy on page 24.
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Copywriting: P. 18

Editorial copy on page 18.
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Copywriting P. 26

Editorial copy on page 26.
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Copywriting: P. 40

Editorial copy on page 40.
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DEEP Magazine 2016 Swimsuit Issue

Hired as producer, creative director, stylist, and writer for the 2016 swimsuit issue.
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We are the Champions

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Outside the Noise and Into the Wild

How a paddle in hand and a kayak as a vessel became one writer's prescription for peace of mind.
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Megan Waldrep

I'm a columnist and a freelance writer. I copy write for small start-ups to large corporations and photography, too. I cover all the bases: business, travel, beauty/style, food/restaurants, entertainment, sports, and more. I also have experience as an editor.

In another life, I work as a creative director for fashion editorial spreads. In a past life (also remembered as my twenties), I had a small fashion design company.

You can find me wandering for inspiration; dancing like nobody is watching; and writing via pencil, pen, or computer.



  • Meditation (Namaste and Amen)
  • Yoga (I know, I know)
  • People watching
  • Hiking
  • Howling at the moon
  • Sailing
  • Traveling